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Look for frequencies of around 10, vibrations per minute for standard models and upwards of , for ultrasonic models. Dental professionals recommend brushing for at least two minutes in one sitting, but doing so can be tricky if you don't have a timer. With most electric brushes you can set routines and make sure you brush as thoroughly as you need to. Pressure sensors — More sophisticated electric brushes feature pressure sensors which provide feedback when you push too hard. It's not necessary to exert much pressure to remove plaque. In fact, with rotating and vibrating brushes it's counterproductive.

The best models know this and tell you when you are pushing too hard. Weight — You'll be holding your electric toothbrush for relatively long periods, so it's important to balance power and weight. If your brush is too heavy or unwieldy, you'll soon find yourself shortening your brushing sessions, so always go for one that feels light in the hand. While the motor and battery are important, they aren't as vital as the brush heads that your electric toothbrush uses.

These heads are the interface between the brush and your teeth — and they need to clean properly to be effective. Major companies like Oral-B or Phillips offer a selection of different head types for customers to choose:. Whitening heads — Products like Oral B's 3D White brush heads come with special polishing cups along with rotary bristles which focus on whitening teeth to a brilliant shine.

Precision heads — These brush heads come with much finer bristles and are intended to be used on small targets such as bridges, braces and chipped areas on teeth. Basically, they are the best way to clean crevices and corners that are otherwise very tough to reach. Standard pulsing bristles — Usually arranged in larger bristle patterns, these heads provide good all-round cleaning performance. They usually also come with bristles that fade as the brush head ages.

When they lose their colour, you know that it's time to order a pack of replacements. Sensitive clean brushes — This is the type of brush head you'll need if you suffer from gingivitis or other forms of inflammation. With a soft, broad brush arrangement, it cleans without irritating damaged skin.

Dental health is extremely important for kids and it's all too easy for today's diets to lead to tooth decay. But are electric toothbrushes a better option than standard brushes? While it's perfectly possible to use standard brushes, there are plenty of child-friendly electric brushes on the market, often featuring attractive colour schemes and handles that are designed for little hands to grasp.

Kids brushes tend to combine cartoonish colours with specialist features for youngsters.

Electric Toothbrushes: Cleaning Teeth the Clever Way

For instance, they usually come with much softer bristles and pressure sensors to ensure that often clumsy junior brushers can clean their teeth and gums without causing any damage. Non-slip grips are also usually fitted to make them easy to handle. If kids become frustrated by toothbrushes, they can often skimp on their brushing habits, but the best kids electric brushes work around that problem by being very easy to hold.

Some even feature extras like the ability to play tunes when kids move to different parts of their mouth, helping to make sure they cover every corner and every tooth. So there are plenty of reasons to choose an electric toothbrush if you are concerned about your child's dental health. Electric brushes are precise, easy to use, mobile and often child-friendly, but what are the best brands and models to go for?

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Here are some popular suggestions from brands that are regularly to be found at HotUKDeals:. Oral-B — A subdivision of Proctor and Gamble, Oral-B has been making toothbrushes since and has a huge range of electric dental products.

Quip Electric Brush

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, it can hook up to the Oral B app and provide in depth dental advice and it also comes with CrossAction brush head and five separate cleaning modes. Slightly higher up the price range, you'll find the Oral B Genius with extra brush heads and Bluetooth functionality. In both cases, Oral-B's products claim to allow you to implement your dentist's recommendations more accurately than ever, so if you are concerned about your dental health, they may be the brand to pick.

Phillips — Dutch company Phillips manufacturers probably the world's most popular ultrasonic toothbrush variety: the Phillips Sonicare.

Electric Toothbrushes

The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum is a good relatively cheap ultrasonic toothbrush, while the Sonicare Essence features technology that is specially adapted to cleaning between teeth. In both cases, Sonicare brushes are compact and designed for travellers, with long battery lives and lightweight chargers. Brush Baby — A much smaller UK brand that focuses totally on creating toothbrushes for infants and young children. The great thing about Brush Baby, apart from the quality of their electric brushes, is that you can purchase bundles of child-friendly toothpaste and brush heads, reward stickers and tooth brushing charts - the kind of extras that parents will really appreciate.

Before you buy, it's definitely worth thinking about whether you really need to ditch ordinary plastic brushes. On one hand, ordinary brushes are cheaper, at least individually, and they don't need to be charged. But that's pretty much all they have going for them.

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If you buy a good model of electric brush, it can actually work out cheaper over a few years than constantly buying normal brushes. What's more, the evidence suggests that electric brushes clean more efficiently and they certainly aren't as tiring to use.

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Electric brushes also fit neatly into hectic lifestyles. If you only spend a minute or two brushing every day, a quick spin around with a high-quality electric brush will do more good than a normal brush. If you tend towards the lazy end of the toothbrushing spectrum, you'll also be more likely to pick up an automatic brush as well. OK, now you've decided to buy an electric toothbrush and you're pretty sure that it has to be an Oral-B or a Phillips model. But how can you find the cheapest electric toothbrush around? Don't just head down to Boots and pick up the cheapest model in the shop.

There's a lot of variation between models and you'll benefit from going up the price scale a little. Shop around to find somewhere that is discounting the model you need. At the same time, be sure to check for extra brush heads. You'll often find combo deals mixing toothbrushes and heads, as well as two-for-one deals on specialist heads. The cost of buying brush heads can mount up, so always take advantage when deals emerge. If you are looking for a real bargain on a high-end electric toothbrush, waiting until Black Friday in November is also a possibility.

It's always a fantastic time to seek out electronics bargains and dental products are no exception. Keeping your teeth and gums clean is essential. No-one like heading to the dentists for fillings or other procedures, and the only way to avoid that is by brushing properly.

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best deals on electric toothbrushes Best deals on electric toothbrushes
best deals on electric toothbrushes Best deals on electric toothbrushes
best deals on electric toothbrushes Best deals on electric toothbrushes
best deals on electric toothbrushes Best deals on electric toothbrushes
best deals on electric toothbrushes Best deals on electric toothbrushes

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