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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (12222)
Best Budget Tablets in 2018 - Which Tablet Is The Best?

W hen I told a colleague I was doing a story on tablets, the first thing he asked was whether I could recommend one to replace his god awful old laptop. While it is very much a tablet and can be used as one, it runs on Windows 10 and when you attach the magnetic keyboard case, it looks and feels like a laptop. The whole thing is just packed full of great little features. The Surface Go has plenty of drawing apps and all you need to do is open up one of them with the stylus to feel the full effect.

It feels like a real pen or pencil. I just love how natural it feels in the hand. It still doesn't quite have the wow factor of Apple's super-shiny iPad. But overall, this one will do everything the average person will need and could be a cheaper replacement for a computer if you only need one for browsing the internet and a bit of word processing. I love the rounded edges, the cool brushed metal back, and the bright, ultra-responsive screen. T he operating system is equally impressive.

A few years ago, the downside was there so few apps supported ChromeOS that it was basically useless, but thanks to some behind-the-scenes work, Google have made it so almost everything on the Android store also works with ChromeOS. No drawbacks to be found here. Anyway, let's get to the meat of the matter.

The huge screen is really the selling point of this device. But equally, the Pixel Slate is almost a laptop killer too, packing plenty of internal storage up to GB plus cloud storage, and coming with plenty of laptop-esque features like an impressive wide-angle inner camera for making video calls with the whole family, a 12 hour battery life, and a fairly impressive keyboard case.

The special Slate keyboard feels fantastic to use. It has round keys rather than square ones because, according to Google, that will make you type more efficiently and therefore faster. T he downside is that the keyboard, and the equally lovely Pixel Slate Pen stylus, cost a fortune. Buy now. T he only place to start with the Amazon Fire 7 is the price. C onsidering that price, you actually get a pretty fair deal.

The Fire 7 is a light, easy-to-hold tablet which is easy to read or view from and does everything you need it to do. With eBooks and Amazon Prime Video built in, you should have no lack of content to worry about, and the eight hour battery life from a single charge should be plenty to get you through a long trip.

Best tablet 12222: Which iOS, Windows or Chrome OS tablet you should buy

The functionality is exactly the same, but that device has a bigger screen. Rest easy that you can quickly switch profile and prevent your sprogs from accidentally buying a bulk order of chocolate buttons while your back is turned.

Or see our roundup of the best tablets to buy for kids , for something more tailored to their — and your — needs. A mazon update these tablets all the time but the latest version offers the best value, with GB base storage, a fast processor to cut down on loading time, and hands-free Alexa compatibility. Both the inner and outer cameras are poor, the plastic back feels a bit tacky, and the huge bezels around the screen look really dated, making the whole device feel bulkier than it is.

For those who basically just want a tablet to read books, watch movies, and browse on a bigger screen than their phones can offer, this is easily the best cheap tablet on the market. The P10 looks a lot more premium on the outside than it is on the inside. The glass back and light weight body give it a luxury feel — certainly one that belies its price point. And with Dolby Atmos speakers, it also sounds great.

The screen is perfectly serviceable, if not quite up there with the best of them. Easy peasy. I was very impressed. T he downside is that while it can do anything Amazon can do, it also has the same limitations. Well, not that in-built voice assistant anyway. Because, as an Android device, the P10 has Google Assistant built-in as well.

Why did Lenovo bother licensing Alexa around Amazon when Google would have been a more seamless fit? Still, overall, I like the P T he Asus ZenPad 10 looks like a premium piece of kit from the off. In fact, with the all-glass screen and silver metallic trim, it could be an iPad, at a glance. The whole thing is a good size too. Big enough to be a meaningful step above even the largest phones, while not so large as to be cumbersome. The plastic shell also boasts the extra benefit of making the whole thing lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Asus VisualMaster technology delivers a HD visual experience with brighter, more vivid colours, wider contrast levels, and sharper details. To reduce eye fatigue and ensure you can read comfortably even in bright sunlight, the ZM filters out blue light and adjusts to suit different lighting conditions.

Take great pictures with the built-in 5.

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See everything with amazing clarity on the Fire's With over two million pixels, the LCD display delivers wide-viewing angles to enhance your viewing pleasure. Whether you're gaming, enjoying the latest blockbusters, or relaxing with an e-book, the screen is built to deliver reduced glare and improved brightness. The improved battery life will give you up to hours of mixed usage, providing the flexibility to enjoy a full day's worth of entertainment without having to stop and charge up.

Designed for every day and everyone in your family, the Galaxy Tab A has a beautiful Take your reading and browsing to the next level with the aspect ratio screen that makes every page look great.

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The Best Android Tablet Deals for October 12222 in the UK

The whole family enjoys using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A for longer thanks to an impressive hour battery life, for all your browsing and video-playback needs. Here are the best value tablet brands. They are ordered in terms of value for money. The review rating stars out of five are an average from consumer reviews from Reevoo , plus PCMag reviews. Each brand has multiple tablets on offer which may vary in features, price and quality, so this is a general list and includes feedback from Latest Dealers. Please note, this is not a list of the best tablets, but looking for those which offer the best value:.

You can find all the latest cheap tablet deals here on this page, shared by our community of deal hunters. From all the brands and across different retailers, you'll save money. If you spot a good tablet deal, please share it here and help others.

The best tablets available on Apple, Android, and Microsoft

Are you ready? Home Tags Tablet. Tablet Sale Top 25 cheap tablets including latest tablet sales and special offers Here you can find cheap tablets. Read more. Sort by Latest. Latest Popular. Apple iPad Pro No matter the task, the new iPad Pro is up to it - and then some. It offers This upgrade version tablet has a lock key which Brilliant Price comparison. Ends in 5 days. A full-featured 7" tablet including a blue kid-proof case with kick-stand, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited with apps, games Fire OS 5Store up to Makes it the cheapest it's Fire HD 8 is the next generation of our best-reviewed DetailsThe 2in1 Android Tablet with Features include: x resolution screen Android Dock it and ask Alexa Faster 1.

Dispatched from and sold by Amazon EU Sarl All-new Fire 7 Tablet 7" display 16 GB4. Dispatched from With 4GB of storage for your files photos and apps. Runs on Android Dispatched from and sold by Amazon A full-featured 8" tablet with a yellow kid-proof case, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited with apps, games and videos.

Best 4G Apple Tablet

Not a toy A full-featured 7" tablet including a purple kid-proof case with kick-stand, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited with apps, games A full-featured 10" tablet with a blue kid-proof case, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited with apps, games and videos. And a x high-definition All-new Fire HD 10 Tablet Pre-order now. Dispatched from and sold Furthermore tablet Tablet: a little background A tablet is a portable PC usually with a mobile operating system and an LCD touchscreen display as well as a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package.

Types of tablets Slate.


It is a lighter, slimmed down tablet without a dedicated physical keyboard and other extra components. A slate's size may vary, starting from 6 inches. Some models in the larger than inch category include the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Mini tablet. These devices are smaller and lighter than standard slates, with a typical screen size between 7—8 inches.

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