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Using the oven takes forever.

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This combination air fryer and toaster oven might actually be more versatile than your traditional oven. A lot of air fryers get shit for not being able to hold an accurate temperature therefore not cooking things the whole way through , but the Breville Smart Oven Air is known for its excellent temperature accuracy.

It's achieved by Breville's Element IQ, which sends W heat across six quartz elements to keep temperatures stable depending on what's inside. This smart method essentially adjusts heat to move where it's needed, which is a degree of precision that hasn't really been seen in countertop ovens before. Though inevitably a bit of a counter space hog, this oven is quite compact for the 5.

It's big enough to serve 14 people, with 16 inches of side-to-side capacity for large cookie sheets, braising pans, and up to four stacked trays. Image: cuisinart. Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven Air fry, bake, roast, and broil in this versatile 2-in-1 that's clutch for families or large groups.

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Thankfully, this 2-in-1 from Cuisinart exists. It's a toaster oven with a built-in air fryer, that's built for baking, toasting, broiling, and air frying while saving you the counter clutter — unless you already have a toaster oven, that is. If you live in a full house or host a big group often, the 4-lb capacity of this 2-in-1 device ensures that everyone can be fed on the first batch whether that's a 4-lb chicken or 4 pounds of fries.

The inch baking tray allows for the hot air to circulate and hit your food evenly, so stirring or flipping probably isn't necessary. Its totally stainless steel exterior makes it a perfect addition to a stainless steel kitchen while most other options are black with a stainless steel handle , using four dials across the top for temperature, function, time, and a special toast timer.

This particular bundle also throws in a free five-piece knife set and a bamboo cutting board ooh, fancy to cross even more kitchen necessities off the list. Image: tfal. T-fal ActiFry Multi-Cooker Get even, golden brown cooking without the effort with T-Fal's unique ring shape and built-in stirring paddles.

Capacity: 2. While you may recognize the brand T-fal for their heavy duty pots and pans, they're also a force to be reckoned with in the air fryer game. The FZ ActiFry multi cooker is futuristic as hell and has a major "set it and forget it" vibe that most other cookers can't offer.

Unlike most of the competition, the Actifry does not sport a pull-out food drawer. Instead, the overhead lid opens to reveal a dishwasher-safe ring-shaped basket that can hold up to 2.

Once turned on, the Actifry's built-in stirring paddle will rotate your food under the hot air, so you don't have to depend on stirring or flipping for even cooking, which is the hardest part. Can we get a hell yeah? The transparent lid allows you to look in on how your food is coming along. Along with your purchase, you'll also get a recipe cookbook and a measuring spoon. Most versatile presets. Image: cosori. Cosori Air Fryer Cosori has garnered reviews comparable to Ninja with a preset for nearly any recipe you could think of.

A simple search of "air fryer" on Amazon will land you at this device. Cosori, though not one of those brands that you'd immediately recognize from a famous line of kitchen appliances, has made a name for itself solely from this air fryer.

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Most air fryers have a few presets to take some guesswork out of common recipes, but the Cosori air fryer wants to be your new head chef. Once it pre-heats, a tap of one of 11 cooking presets on the touchscreen puts you on the fast track without having to research air fryer hacks on Pinterest. Crispy french fries don't even scratch the surface of the built-in instructions: shrimp, bacon, root vegetables, and cake are just a few, but you can still toggle the temperature and time if you have your own preferences.

There's also a shake reminder that lets you know to stir or flip your food for an even fry, and automatic shut off and keep warm functions if you're not eating right away. Despite being one of the best reviewed models on Amazon, some customers report that the device becomes unresponsive after a few uses.

Cosori relieves your worries by offering a free two-year guarantee.

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Cheapest way to get a touchscreen. Capcity: 5. Touchscreens on appliances can make even the most '80s kitchens look modern, and you don't have to pay premium prices for an air fryer with one. The GoWise XL 5. Frying, baking, grilling, and roasting are all possible here, with eight built-in presets for fries, pork, chicken a whole chicken , steak, shrimp, cake, fish, and pizza.

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When your ingredients need to be stirred or shaken, the device will warn you in increments of five, 10, or 15 minutes. Pro tip: Don't expect the circulation or temperature precision of a Ninja or Breville fryer from this budget option. It's a great starter device for easing into healthier fried meals, but restaurant steaks probably can't be achieved.

Also, marble countertops may benefit from putting a cutting board under the fryer while it's on. Best color options. When an air fryer comes in enough colors to match your outfit, you know you're in for a good time. GoWise has snuck a model into most size categories, but the 2. KitchenAid mixers get a big chunk of their attention from that rainbow color selection, but that's rarely an option for appliances like air fryers. From mint green and pastel yellow to vibrant red and purple, this small, unsuspecting cooker will give your counter a pop of color.

There's no reason to pay for a touchscreen or a long list of presets if your purpose for getting an air fryer ends at snacks or personal appetizers. This mini cooker can heat to degrees, has a minute timer, and the listing says it can also bake, grill, and roast. At under three quarts, it's roomy enough to cook a personal steak or corn on the cob, yet small enough to shove in your remaining cabinet space or take on a camping trip. Baby's first air fryer. Capacity: 2 liters 2. Their Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer is a bomb midsize option to squeeze on that last inch of open counter space and promises perfectly-crisped appetizers or small meals.

The best part? There's next to no learning curve. With no screen and only two dials to control temperature and time with two lights to show preheating status , it's a basic approach that's nearly impossible to mess up. Frying up a main course like an actual chicken probably isn't likely, but it's clutch for those side dishes or meals for one. Bonus: It's also one of the most aesthetically pleasing options. Budget pick. Image: dash.

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Dash Compact Air Fryer Skip the drive-thru and the boring campfire foods with this portable fryer from Dash. Capacity: 1. Thankfully, there are a few cheap air fryers on the market that don't sacrifice quality. Our favorite cheap air fryer is the Dash Compact Air Fryer, a reliable little sidekick that can be taken nearly anywhere. This no-frills fryer offers the bare minimum of features — and when you're a newbie or only planning on using it sparingly, there's no point to paying for extras.

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  6. Set your temperature and time using their respective knobs, stir or flip once if you're feeling ambitious, and come back in a few minutes to a hot, crispy snack. Dash's model is the scrawniest of the bunch, offering a 1. Just don't expect to feed more than one at a time. There aren't many negative reviews, and most that do exist speak to the manufacturer quality. Unfortunately, you can't expect restaurant-grade longevity in a model that costs so little, but if you use it sparingly, it'll get the job done.

    Dash always shines in the looks department: Offering a handful of adorable colors to match any decorating style, this little fryer makes an easy gift. Image: secura. Secura 3. Sign us up! Shop the deals at bestbuy. Prices are only valid on November , or while supplies last, whichever comes first.

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      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada
      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada
      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada
      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada
      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada
      keurig black friday deals 2019 canada Keurig black friday deals 2019 canada

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